Calne Camera Club

Club Closure

At the club's AGM held on the 19th June 2023, it was announced that the club would enter a period of dormancy for 6 months, pending the closure of the club due to declining membership. At a final meeting on the 26th February 2024, in its 50th year, it was decided that the club could no longer continue and would officially close. The Club aimed to provide all those interested in photography with an opportunity to improve their knowledge, skill and enjoyment of the art in a friendly atmosphere amongst a membership of mixed ages and abilities, and we hope we achieved that. The Club Committee would like to thank all members past and present for their hard work in making the club a success over the last half a century.

Club History

Calne Camera club was founded in 1974 and was known as the Calne Camera and Cine Club. The club was later adopted and sponsored by C&T Harris's, a former and famous employer in the town. The name was then changed to Calne Harris Camera Club. At this time it met in the Harris Social Club and was based in Marden House on the wharf. (It has been fully restored in recent years and now serves as a social centre and day centre for various groups.)

The club then moved to a temporary building which was situated in the grounds of The Woodlands. It later moved into the social club building, it also served as a canteen for the staff of Harris's.

In July 1982 Harris ceased production in the town and discussions were started with a view to buying the Social Club from them. This was eventually completed and came under control of the Management Committee on 1st May 1984.

At this time the social club committee voted to adopt the Camera Club and thus the name was changed to the Calne Woodlands Camera Club.

In 1986 Calne Woodlands CC members built a darkroom in the upper story of the building and there were plans to develop a studio but these were delayed and then cancelled due to the lack of a suitable fire escape and other safety features in the area required for this use.

Since then the technology of photography has seen a sea change with most members turning to digital cameras and processing their images on computers using dedicated software. None-the-less similar techniques (dodge, burn and cropping) were used to produce eye catching images. It is only the hardware that has changed.

In the summer of 2007, the club held its first photographic exhibition (Calne Woodlands Photofest 2007) where club members were given the opportunity to exhibit their work to the public. Held at the Carnegie Heritage Centre, Calne, 150 prints were displayed to great effect and acclaim. Photofest has been held as part of the Calne Music and Arts Festival ever since.

On 7th Jan 2013 Calne Camera Club held it's first meeting at a new venue - Beversbrook Community Centre; At this time the club's name was changed from Calne Woodlands Camera Club to its present title.

In July 2018 we moved to a new venue, The Lansdowne Hall, Derry Hill.

Calne Camera Club had met every Monday for 50 years or so, excluding Bank Holidays and a summer break.