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Tom Crowe Challenge.

A digital Battle organised by

Thornbury Camera Club

One again Thornbury Camera Club have invited us to take part in a their digital battle. Last year we came equal third, but there was a tie for First Place also, so we can consider ourselves second in the competition. Let's see if we can do even better this year.

Everything is organised by Thornbury and they will appoint a judge who provides a commentary and score for each image.

The images are entered randomly so the judge will not know which club he or she is judging. Once they have the recorded commentary they will put the results of the competition onto a dvd or memory stick which they will then send to each club to be used at our home venues, on an evening of our choice.

This should make for quite a fun evening as we won't know until the end which club has won.

Technical Stuff

Images must have dimensions not greater than 1600 pixels wide, nor greater than 1200 pixels high. This includes portrait shaped images.
Images must be JPEG files using sRGB colour space.
Number of entries from each club shall be 8 (eight) images each from a different photographer.
Within the 8 images, at least 1 (one) images shall be in the following 4 (four) categories:-

[L] Landscape countryside, city etc
[P] People people or animals
[C] Creative fantasy, abstract
[H] Humour as it says, raise a smile!

The remaining 4 images can be in any of the above or yet another category.
For the sake of labeling lets call this last one Open [O]( my words, Geoff )

So what we need from members are entries from which we can select to go forward to competition. Rather than have us select from past winners we need you to select your best images, which of course may have been past winners or something completely fresh. Please submit up to five images for an as yet undetermined club panel to draw up the final eight entries. Indicate which of the five categories to which you think each is most suited. Entries should be with our club by 8th October 2018 to enable a final selection to be forwarded to Thornbury.

Thornbuy have a labeling requirement entirely different to ours so we will rename the final eight after selection. Please log in below and make your submissions in the usual way.
Geoff Hawkins           


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