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Competition Results.

12th September 2016 Periodic Competition.
Judge Laura Pearce

Laura gave as an evening packed with succinct and telling comments.
A near record entry gives us a results table with newer names in the top spots.

Beginners & Intermediate Colour
  1. Flight of the Bumblebee - Simon Hughes
  2. What s in the sky - Mark Briscoe
  3. Derelict Door - Simon Hughes
    Zorba - Mark Saunders             C
    Scarf Seller - Malcolm Parrack   C
    Falcon Dive - Mark Briscoe       HC
    Imogen - Ivor Griffiths             HC
    Fishermen - Mark Saunders     HC
    Resting - Mark Briscoe             HC
    The Hard Stare - Pete Evans   HC

Beginners & Intermediate Mono
  1. Bibury - Mark Briscoe
  2. Peahen - Ivor Griffiths
  3. Slow Lunch Break - Simon Hughes
    Alelie Deep In Thought - Pete Evans         HC
    Faded Summer s Glory - Simon Hughes     HC
    Feeding time - Mark Briscoe                       HC
    Footprints On The Shore - Pete Evans;     HC
    Catholic Priests Judging - Mark Saunders    C
Advanced Colour
  1. Modern Reflection of Nature - Chris WilkesCiudad
  2. Go Go Wiggo and Co - Eddy Lane
  3. Door Pull - John Winchester
    Low Key High Beauty - David Evans        HC
    Green Bee Eater with Moth - Pam Lane  HC
    Lost in Thought - Chris Grew                 HC
    Yaël van Engelen - Geoff Hawkins         HC
    Tri Flora - Judy Winchester                     HC
    Are you still here - Geoff Hawkins           C
    In The Gym - Ann Tubb                           C
Advanced Mono
  1. Really - David Evans
  2. Windmill Fantail - Dennis Price
  3. Harley D - David Evans
    Reading in Bed - Geoff Hawkins        HC
    Before I Die - Chris Grew                  HC
    Simone - Geoff Hawkins                    HC
    Pole Position - Chris WilkesCiudad   HC
    Poser - Judy Winchester                   HC
    Changing Tracks - Judy Winchester    C
    Number 2 - John Winchester              C

The winning and placed images.
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