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Competition Results.

28th September 2015 Periodic Competition.
Judge Matt Revell

Matt, our judge for the evening treated us to some humorous and sometimes thought provoking comments and generally kept us entertained.

Here are the results. On the right, the winning images.

Colour Print
  1. Ann Tubb     -     Church On The Hill
  2. Chris Wilkes-Cuidad     -     Step Back In Time
  3. Eddy Lane     -     Moulting King Penguins and Chick
    Chris Wilkes-Cuidad     -     Sunset HC
    Chris Grew     -     Heading For A Six HC
    Geoff Hawkins     -     Emily C
    Dennis Price     -     Meadow Barn C
    David Lock     -     Quarry Waste C

Mono Print
  1. Eddy Lane     -     Napier-Railton, Pendine Sands
  2. Chris Grew     -     Ready For Departure
  3. Roger Bryan     -     Megan
    Roger Bryan     -     A Pilots Memories HC
    David Lock     -     Boots C
Mono Digital
  1. Edith Cameron     -     John
  2. David Lock     -     Civil War Squashed
  3. Chris Grew     -     Calm
    Chris Wilkes-Cuidad     -     Eastern Beauty HC
    Chris Grew     -     Mud! HC
    John Winchester     -     Hartsop No 4 C
    David Lock     -     York Houses C
Colour Digital
  1. Edith Cameron     -     Meg
  2. Roger Bryan     -     Stonehenge Evening
  3. Edith Cameron     -     The Watcher
    Roger Bryan     -     Yamaha at Castle Combe HC
    Geoff Hawkins     -     Red Boa HC
    Eddy Lane     -     World War One Dogfight C
    David Lock     -     I Am Iron Man C
    Chris Wilkes-Cuidad     -     The Green Car C

The winning images, plus some of the other entries.
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