Calne Camera Club

Competition Rules

1. Member qualification.
Competitions shall be open to all members of Calne Camera Club, except Associate members.
These members must regularly attend meetings.

NB. As a club we enter into several inter-club or group, competitions each year. Many of these competitions rule that members may only enter on behalf of one club.
By entering any Calne CC competition, the author is deemed to have given the club permission to use their works in external inter-club competitions, battles, exhibitions etc. Should their work be chosen this would preclude the member from entering the same competition on behalf of any other club, Images submitted may also appear on the club web site. The ownership and copyright of each image remains the sole property of the author.

2. Scope.
These rules apply to all those competitions which lead to the award of trophies at the annual award ceremony.

Competitions will take the following format.
Month One
Colour Projected
Mono Projected
Three entries allowed in each section ie Max six per member.

Month Two
Colour Projected
Mono Projected
Three entries allowed in each section ie Max six per member.

Month Three
Colour Print
Mono Print
Three entries allowed in each section ie Max six per member.

Then back to Month One.
Additional set subjects may be nominated with the agreement of the committee and any new subject shall be advised to members 12 weeks before it is to be judged.
For the Annual Panel of Four competition, see rule 11.

3. Programme.
Competitions shall be held approximately every four weeks. If circumstances force a deviation from this practice on any occasion, the Competition Secretary is to advise members at the earliest opportunity. The last monthly competition of the calendar year is in March.

4. Submission of Work.
Entries for monthly competitions are to be in the hands of the Competition Secretary two weeks before the date of the competition. Projected images must be entered via the club’s web site by midnight on the last entry date.

5. Number of Images.
So as to keep the size of each event within acceptable limits, each entrant is restricted to submitting a maximum of six images, with no more than three images under any of the above headings.

6. Presentation.

i) Prints:  Prints may be home or Trade processed and should be suitably mounted for display on the illuminated stand and on club display racks. The dimensions of mounts print should be 40cms x 50cms, this is the standard set by most inter club competitions.
1.Each print must be clearly marked on the back with the image title, the photographer's club, membership number and the word "mono" or "colour" as appropriate. The photographer's name must not appear.
2. All prints will be classified by the member in order of preference, with a 1, 2 or 3. This will allow the competition secretary to remove entries should the total count go over the amount deemed acceptable for a judge to get through during the evening.
3. An arrow showing the orientation of the image may be added on the back, if this is ambiguous.
NB. Prior to entry all prints should have a digital copy forwarded by means of the web site. By doing this a set of labels with all the above information is automatically generated.
ii) Digital Images: The method of submitting digital images is by use of the online form. Where each image will be identified with the following in the order shown and as described below.
The author's membership number. The author's name The Image title An indication, colour or monochrome and order of preference, 1, 2 or 3.
For example: an image by Chris called 'Lake District' in colour would be named as follows:     197 - Lake District - By Chris Grew - C1
Note the correct mix of upper and lower case characters. This is so that the judge sees exactly the same on all images and so the projection software picks out your title as opposed to your name or even the make and model of your camera.
Simply fill in the form and the software will do this for you. If you have insurmountable problems please contact the webmaster. An image must be in jpeg format at a resolution of 96 pixels per inch and sized at 1400 pixels wide x no more than 1050 pixels high for landscape shapes and 1050 pixels high x less than 1400 pixels wide for portrait shapes. The form has been programmed to reject dimensions exceeding these.

7. Content.
Any photograph submitted as a print or a digital image may contain only those elements which have been photographically captured by the photographer himself and not introduced from other sources. Digital editing and image combination is acceptable.

8. Re-Use of Entries.
Any photograph which has not been placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd may be entered in a subsequent monthly competition.

9. Judging.
The Competition Secretary is to appoint an external judge for each monthly competition unless one cannot be found. In the event that no external judge is available the Competition Secretary may nominate a competent person from within the club whose own work must not be entered in the competition.The judge shall be required to nominate 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in order of merit for each section (Colour Prints, Monochrome Prints, Colour Digital Images and Monochrome Digital Images.) He may also attach "Highly Commended" or "Commended" to as many images as he thinks appropriate.

10. Scoring.
Given the judge's decision on placings, the Competition Secretary shall allocate points as follows:

1st place 7 points
2nd place 5 points
3rd place 4 points
Highly Commended 3 points
Commended 2 points

In the event that a judge insists on giving the same placing to more than one image, the images shall each be awarded the points as above without prejudice to points awarded to other placings.In addition to the above, each member who has entered work is to be awarded one point in recognition of the entry alone and regardless of whether there was one image or the maximum permitted in his entry. Points for each member are to be aggregated month by month to arrive at an annual total as a basis for year-end awards.

11. Annual "Panel of Four" Competition.
This competition shall be held in April each year and a member may submit up to two entries. For the purpose of this competition, a Triptych is defined as three images on a single mount which must not exceed 60 x 60cms. The three images must support a common theme.
Rules 1, 7 and 9 above also apply to this competition.

12. Amendments.
Changes to these rules may be made by the club committee, subject to their having been informally canvassed among members.

13. Effective Date
These rules are effective from 15th October 2018

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