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Proposal to change the rules regarding entry to competitions.

You will be asked to vote on this at the AGM

Following mutterings in the corridors after the clubs poor showing at DPIC 2017 , the dearth of prints available for a selection for the Warminster Battle and at some other inter-club competitions, the Chairman received the following message:

I would like to see a rule introduced to take control of the situation surrounding the use of members' images for external competitions and we have an opportunity for this at the forthcoming A.G.M. scheduled for 24th April.

If a club rule is to be added or amended, it is a requirement to publicise the proposed change to members at least 14 days before the meeting and this provides an opportunity to canvass support in advance.

I suggest something on the following lines: " A condition of membership is that work entered by a member in a club competition shall then be made available for selection by the committee to represent the club in external competitions." Perhaps the phrasing could be improved but you will see what I am trying to do. Rule 3 in the club constitution covers Qualifications For Membership and the clause might be added there or as a sub-item.


Chairman’s note to the above: When entering inter-club competitions, the generally accepted method, in our club at least is to choose entries from images that have won club competitions in the past season or at least in the past few months.

Photographers are free to join as many clubs as they wish. However as inter-club battles and national and international competitions almost always dictate that photographers may only enter pictures on behalf of one club, we have found ourselves in the situation where some of our most successful photographers have elected to enter for other clubs, thus depriving us of their undoubted talents and a smaller pool of images from which to make our selection.

What members need to weigh up here are the possible outcomes of this rule being introduced.

While it would ensure the club has a definite pool of pictures from which to choose external competition entries, it could also drive some of our most talented members away. Whether they choose to leave, or to stay and not enter internal competitions the net result is the same we would not have their images available to us. However if the rule is not introduced and members enter their pictures elsewhere as has happened in the past, we still don’t have access to them.

Another aspect of this proposal is this: If some members decide to leave, or stay but elect not to enter internal competitions, the results table will begin to look very different. There will undoubtably be different names among the top places and there could even be an incentive to make greater efforts to be among them. Possibly the quality of the pictures produced would rise, thus providing the high quality we desperately need to ensure success in external competitions.


A second proposal regarding entering competitions.

You will be asked to vote on this at the AGM

There have been several competitions this year with entries who’s author has attended few, if any, club meetings this season. Whether the entries do well or not has no bearing, but we are not a postal group nor Flickr or Ephotozine and it is difficult to envisage what satisfaction anyone would get from entering competitions and never getting any feedback, either from the judges or from members, nor wish to take a part even the passive one, of just attending.

Also by not attending club meetings they make no contribution to the weekly subscription which is an important part of paying the rent on the room in which their entries are judged. See also the last part of this notice.

Not everyone can attend every meeting, but none at all?

Members are asked to consider this change:

A condition of entering competitions to be that the entrant must have attended at least some meetings not simply to have paid their fees. I would suggest a minimum of one in six meetings.


There will be a rent increase on the room we use at Beversbrook from £22.50 to £30.00 a week from 1st April. Apparently, it hasn't been increased for 5 years and probably won't be increased for another 5. Checking with other clubs, £30 is still a reasonable rent for the facilities we enjoy, but the club needs to find another £300+ a year.

We introduced a raffle to pay for the sound equipment and although it has now nearly been paid for support has always been a bit sporadic. Also finding worthwhile prizes has been difficult at times.

We could continue with the raffle indefinitely and increase the weekly sub on the room to £1.50 or simply increase the sub to £2 and drop the raffle. Although a formal vote is not required we would like your input on this. A show of hands at the AGM will suffice.

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