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Resizing images for inclusion in the CCC competitions and web site.

For Competitions images must be in jpeg format and sized at 1400 pixels wide x no more than 1050 pixels high for landscape shapes and 1050 pixels high x less than 1400 pixels wide for portrait shapes. This includes digital copies of images submitted to print competitions. (These may be used on the web pages or for shortlisting a selection in print competitions.)

When submitting pictures for inclusion on the club web site please re-size your image to no more than 1400 pixels wide x 1050 pixels high.
In some instances it may be necessary to further reduce them to fit the web page but if you stick to the requirements for our competitions there will be less confusion and the web page manager will do the rest.
Using Photoshop CS (PS Elements is very similar)
Open image to be re-sized in Photoshop.
Click on 'Image', 'image size'. The following dialog box will open.

Ensure resample image box is ticked.

You may see elsewhere (even on this site, if the page is one I inherited) instructions to set the resolution to 96 or 72 pixels per inch
This is misinformation, but if anyone argues differently you can do it to keep the peace. It will have no outcome on the results. It will only have any effect on a printed image, where you should be choosing 300 or higher.

Set pixel length of the image's sides so that they do not exceed those given above.
Ensure you have selected Bicubic in the Option box.
Click 'OK'

This will resize the actual size of the image, but not the file size.

To reduce the file size
Select 'File', 'Save For Web' **(see below for PS Elements differences)

Reduce 'Quality' value (use slider, or enter a new value) until JPEG size is just below 1000kb.
The amount of reduction required will vary with the image content
Click 'Save' and save file to your selected folder.

It is good practice to save the image with a different name to that of the original file so that you will know which image is the re-sized web file, it will also prevent you from overwriting the original file!

e.g. Original image: image-name.jpeg or image-name.tiff
Web image: image-name_web.jpg

** PS Elements will have two windows after clicking 'Save for Web'. Beneath the window on the right you will see the final file size. To reduce this to 1000kb go to the 'Quality' setting (approx 3/4 up the screen on the right) and reduce the amount (using the slider) until the file is no more than 1000kb. Then click on 'OK' to save the image.
Again, it is good practice to save the image with a different name to that of the original file so that you will know which image is the re-sized web file.

Finally, when you close the original image, you will be asked whether you wish to save the image before closing......choose NO, otherwise your original image will be saved at 1400 pixels...which is not much use for printing anymore!

Paint Shop Pro
Having opened your image, Click on 'Image',then 'Resize'.

Ensure the "By Pixels" button is selected.
Note that in Paint Shop Pro, Resolution is not even an option at this point. It only appears if you choose "By Print Size".

Then choose "Save As" and set the Compression slider to "Best Quality".

Note that by default Paint Shop Pro keeps a copy of the original image in a separate folder to avoid it being overwritten.
Then email the file as an attachment to :   Web page submissions.

Or log in to the competitions submission pages.

Well worth reading is this more detailed explanation on the Whys and Wherefores of Resizing

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