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Recent Changes to the Web Site     - (newest changes always at the top.)

There have been a few queries regarding uploading files. For anyone having problems there is a new Video - Help with Uploading files. Please let me know what you think.

Also the image preparation and resizing pages have been revamped.

February 12th's Print Competition results are now available.


See how we fared at Warminster

The results for our first competition of 2018 are now on line. Special congratulations to Martin jamieson.

New dates for next season are mostly fixed and the Upload Pages for competitions are now available. Six images appeared within hours of them being revised. Including our resurrected Panel of Four competition. The deadline for that, is 26th February. If you want to be reminded of the format read this before logging on.

The 12th December 2017 Competition Results

On the 27th November Roger Bryan visited with an impressive presentation.

The Diary and Download Version have been ammended., as has the Competition Results page.

You May Be Interested In The Adobe Photographers Cheat Sheet
. . . .Too many keyboard shortcuts to possibly remember.

As requested there is now an on line Suggestion Box to remain spam free you must still log in.

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The Index Page now has a search facility. Did you know the index page used to be called
"Life, the Universe and Everything"? That was apparently too cryptic for some of you.:-)

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