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Size & Name requirements for projected images for CCC competitions

A couple of minutes, if that, of your time will save the competition secretary hours!

An image must be in jpeg format at a resolution of 96 pixels per inch and sized at 1400 pixels wide x no more than 1050 pixels high for landscape shapes and 1050 pixels high x less than 1400 pixels wide for portrait shapes.

Find help with resizing here.

A member may enter up to six digital images, three colour and three mono.

Similarly in Print Competitions, three colour and three mono prints are also allowed but the maximum number of entries for any competition is six images. Under our new competition rules for 2016 Prints and Digital images are now judged on seperate evenings.

The following is of interest but is now left simply for information. Using the New (March 2016) on-line upload system you no longer need to rename your files manually. Just fill in the boxes and we do it for you.

Naming of digital images
For example:
an image by Chris called 'Lake District' in colour would be named as follows:    197 - Lake District - By Chris Grew - C

Note that there is a space between every word and hyphen between each key part. Also each word is capitalised.

Note the correct mix of upper and lower case. This is so that the judge sees exactly the same on all images and so the projection software picks out your title as opposed to your name or even the make and model of your camera. (if images are incorrectly named the projection software will do its best to search for information in the EXIF files and come up with its own interpretation)

Bear in mind that it doesn't matter what other clubs or organisations do, this is the way we do it and how it works with the system we have set up.
Again a couple of minutes, if that, of your time will save the competition secretary and the projectionist hours!

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