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Multi-Club Battle 2016

   and the Judge's Favourites

Periodic Digital Competition Results.

25th October 2016 Periodic Competition - Projected Images.
Judge Chris Bigg

Despite Chris getting lost on the way to Beversbrook and yours truly omitting to load up one section of the entries, we did manage an evening of great photography some telling comments from the judge and not a little hilarity.
The judge's favourite?
   Seed Head by Simon Hughes. So well done Simon.

Your presenters promise to try to do better next time folks.

Here are the results, look back to last month, you may see a pattern emerging.

Beginners & Intermediate Colour
  1. Seed Head - Simon Hughes
  2. Flower Bed - Mark Briscoe
  3. Combe Racer - Malcolm Parrack
    Mini at Quarry Corner - Malcolm Parrack   HC
    Escape the Wave - Mark Briscoe              HC
    I Spy Danger - John Totten                      HC
    Fashion Shopper - Simon Hughes             C

Beginners & Intermediate Mono
  1. Waiting for Lunch - Simon Hughes
  2. Feline Curiosity - Simon Hughes
  3. Clinging On - Mark Briscoe
    World War 2 Leica - Simon Hughes         HC
Advanced Colour
  1. Street Dancer - Chris WilkesCiudad.
  2. Lakeside Tree - Chris WilkesCiudad.
  3. I just want one any one - Eddy Lane.
    Woodland dancer - Alan Smith.         HC
    Victorian Angel - Eddy Lane.              HC
    Unbowed - David Evans.                   HC
    Rydal Cave Dog - Judy Winchester.   C
    Leap of Faith - Pam Lane.                  C
    The Orchid - Chris WilkesCiudad        C
Advanced Mono
  1. The Mask By Eddy Lane.
  2. Kirkstone Pass Lakeland By David Evans.
  3. The Touch - David Evans.
    Walking The Hoop - Judy Winchester.      HC
    Make a Wish - Edith Cameron.               HC
    Everyone Needs A Friend to Hug - Edith Cameron.      HC
    Break Time - Chris Grew.                        C
    Touching the Cloud - Chris WilkesCiudad.       C

The Winning and Placed Entries
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