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The New Projector

As you have noticed we have now a new Benq 1400 HD Projector.
This was purchased as a result of a little fundraising - raffle - and a very generous grant from the local council under the local area board Community Grant scheme. We applied for this and it was granted at the end of May enabling us to replace our aging projector with a bright spanking new HD quality projector.

This has already made a huge difference to our images being projected on competition evenings and I have received several positive comments already in the short time we have been using it. I am sure that over the coming years the whole club will benefit from the improved quality and no more will we hear Judges saying how better the images looked on their home monitor than on our projector.

All thanks to the generosity of the Community Area Grant.

Latest additions to these pages.

Roger Bryan's video on Panoramic Stitching
Finding the Nodal Point video

New Digital File Upload is here.

The How and the Why of our new File upload system.

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Ephemeris: A table of the positions of celestial bodies at regular intervals.
Recently added to the Links page: The Photographer's Ephemeris, a planning aid for landscape photographers. TPE takes all the guess work out of catching the light.
All you landscape photographers will love it.  This is Sunrise and Sunset, today at Beaversbrook.

Geoff asks the question "Are Model Releases Necessary?"

An article on the rights of the photographer in public places. A mixture of the law and common sense.
Photographing People and Children in Public Places, An Overview

Mouseover the screen to pause the slideshow . . . . . . . and off to continue.

    An Evening with Amber

A light hearted look at projecting

portrait format images.


    Geoff Hawkins
For those who still are having problems with getting the size of their projected images right we have a new article which may help
"Why", Resizing Matters.
   by kind permission of the Photochrome Camera Club of San Francisco

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