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The 8th May meeting was a magical mixture of beautiful, old wet printed photographs, quick wit and bad jokes (which we all enjoyed) from Pete Stedman. A long time amateur, turned professional photographer, who combined that career, with being a magician and all round entertainer,

Pete had the older members back in the days of their youth. When girls didn't need tattoos and piercings to look beautiful they went to the hair dresser. When a man wearing a tie was considered smart, smoking wasn't antisocial and a pipe put you in an entirely different league.

Thanks Pete.

My God I feel old . . . . .

AGM 2017 Minutes now on line.

As requested there is now an on line Suggestion Box to remain span free you must still log in.

The new seasons competitions are upon us. You will find re-vamped upload pages with all the competitions in one place, no separate logins. This now includes a section to upload digital copies of the prints you enter into competitions. Please do this in advance of the competition.

Why? Because of the difficulty in getting copies after the judging has taken place. Last print competition I was sent just four. This means it is very difficult to prepare a results page on this site with so few images to illustrate the winners.

Having them in advance also means we can refer to these images when choosing possible entries for future competitions. So much easier than asking "Do you remember the one with . . . . . . . ..who’s was that?"

For prints only, the upload page had been adjusted to allow slightly taller images for portraits. Remember you do still have to hand in a print.

You May Be Interested In The Adobe Photographers Cheat Sheet

Too many keyboard shortcuts to possibly remember.

Monday 6th February, After an evening of Av's which have been placed in recent WCPF competitions. There was mention of permissions for using other peoples's music. The answers to this are already on the club pages but for you convenience I'll repeat them here.
Copying music from any source to use with an AV presentation requires a licence from the IAC (The Film & Video Institute) Their download form is Here.
A licence for Public Performance is also needed. This is usually the responsibility of the venue where your work is shown, ie they are the licence holders. Read more on that here.

You may also be interested in:
PicturesToExe  -  AV presentation software
Audacity  -  free sound editing software
Film Free Projection  -  This is the software we use for club nights. A bit of a misnomer as it isn't actually Free

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