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PhotoFest is over.
Generally well received I think.

The vote by the public for their favourite picture was eagerly contested with David Evans and Judy Winchester battling it out for the lead throughout the week.

In the end on the last day Judy pulled ahead by two points her print Hodges Close View beating David’s Ben Nevis 23 to 21. David’s Lochan, Glencoe was third with 29 points.

Out of 208 visitors 177 voted.

There were several comments about our reduced space. This was something we had no control over. The Heritage Centre have recently invested a shed load of money in new display units around the outside walls and are actively promoting these. They quite reasonably didn’t want us to cover them up during this time.

If this space had been available to us we would have been hard pressed to fill it. None of the members taking part had all of their entries displayed, but the works left out would not have covered the extra space had it been available.

The fact is, for the main exhibition of our efforts to a wider local audience, less than half the membership submitted prints, some of those were very last minute.

View From Hodges Close By Judy Winchester
Hodges Close View by Judy Winchester

To those of you who had work displayed, thank you for your submissions. You will however have to pay the price, ie £1 each work displayed.

David however comes out of this with a small profit as he managed to sell a couple of prints, so congratulations to him. There's a message here for the rest of you.

Our public exhibition which runs alongside Photofest had 22 entries from 8 people some of whom are regular entrants. This year’s winner was a newcomer, Liam Daniels with his air to air photograph of Hercules Formation. See it Here

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