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Here are a few links which you may find useful.

Other Photographic Organisations
The Royal Photographic Society
Western Counties Photographic Federation
The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain

Printers, Printing and other Photographic Supplies.
Proam Imaging  -  Photographic Printers
Dscolour Labs  -  Photographic Printers.
Skylight Publishing 01249 813328  -  Printing and Publishing in Calne.
Both these last two come recomended by John Histed - ask him about them.
Colour Profiles.  -  Printer Profiling Specialists.
Printware  -  Printers, Papers and Inks etc.  -  Just what it says
Longridge Mount Cutting Systems
Paper Sizes
Paper Spectrum  -  for a range of mount boards
Fotospeed  -  High quality photo papers and inks.
Print Storage Boxes
Cotswold Mounts  -  for a range of mount boards

For Projected Images.
Ifranview  -  free editing and 'slide show' projection software
PicturesToExe  -  AV presentation software
Audacity  -  free sound editing software
Film Free Projection  -  This is the software we use for club nights. A bit of a misnomer as it isn't actually Free

Copying music from any source to use with an AV presentation requires a licence from the IAC (The Film & Video Institute) Their download form is Here.
A licence for Public Performance is also needed. This is usually the responsibility of the venue where your work is shown, ie they are the licence holders. Read more on that here.

For batch resizing, renaming, watermarks and much more I have been using Fotosizer. There is a free version here.    
Fotosizer - Freeware Batch Image and Photo resizing made easy

Adobe TV The ultimate site for tutorials straight from the manufacturer.

You may also be interested in
. . . .The Adobe Photographers Cheat Sheet . . . . .Too many keyboard shortcuts to possibly remember.

Planning Aid for Landscape Photographers
The Photographer's Ephemeris  -  helps you plan outdoor photography shoots in natural light, particularly landscape and urban scenes.
It's a map-centric sun and moon calculator: see how the light will fall on the land, day or night, for any location on earth.
It works on your iPhone iPad Android or Desktop, though the latter requires the latest browser.
All you landscape photographers will love it.
  This is Sunrise and Sunset, today at Beaversbrook.


Members' Sites

Geoff Hawkins' Portraits.
Geoff's 365 Strangers Project.
Boudoir with a Gentle Touch.

The club accepts no responsibility for the content of the above sites.

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