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The June 2017 Competition.
Judge: Jim Marsden FRPS, APAGB, EFIAP.

A very entertaining evening, complete with a first half microphone juggling act.
Jim is an experienced photographer and judge who’s visits we have enjoyed several times before. He had some very helpful and inciteful comments about all the images.
My apologies to any who missed out on bits of his commentary.
Jim said he was impressed with the level of entries. He had debated over several which made it into, out of, and back into the final selection. Also some sadly just missed out or we would have had a very long list of HC's and C's..

Particular congratulations to Malcolm Parrack who very nearly pulled off a double hat trick. It was only the naked lady that got in his way, that stopped him.

1. Brief Encounter Pete Evans
2. Courting Swans Nicholas Jackson
3. Saint David Special, Tornado David Evans
Stackpole Quay David Evans HC
Giving it All Chris Grew HC
Door to the Garden Mark Briscoe HC
New Old Style Simon Hughes C
Its Lying, Honest Pete Evans C
Shelter on the Pier Mark Briscoe C
1. Sea Eagle Pete Evans
2. Ben Nicholas Jackson
3. Marsh Fritillary David Evans
Green Boat Dennis Price HC
Just Emerged Mark Briscoe HC
Winter Morning Sun Pete Evans HC
Baskets Winchester HC
At Full Scream Simon Hughes C
Beacon Hill Mark Briscoe C
Emily Geoff Hawkins C
Ready for Rain Mark Briscoe C

Mouse over the display to pause and off again to continue.
Beginers & Intermediate
1. Tufted Gray Langur Malcolm Parrack
2. Historic F Three Malcolm Parrack
3. Painted Stork Malcolm Parrack
In Retirement Ivor Griffiths HC
Speckle Wood Ivor Griffiths C
1. Caterham Malcolm Parrack
2. My Calender Girl George Dyne
3. Castle Combe Toyota Malcolm Parrack
Hoover Dam Overflow Ivor Griffiths HC
Flower Petals Ivor Griffiths C

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