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DPI Competition File Upload

A fuller explanation of how this works and how it should help us all.

You will already know that we ask you to send in images no more than 1400 pixels wide by 1050 pixels high. We ask that they be named with very specific spaces and hyphens in their filenames, an essential "By" preceding the author's name and finally a C for colour or M for mono and finally !,2 or3 to indicate your order of preference should the competition be over subscribed.

When the final entry is received the competition secretary then has to sort, shuffle each collection and add a number to the beginning of each filename to indicate to me and the judge the running order of the presentation. The hyphens and the spaces around them are used by his software to denote the correct separation of columns in his spreadsheets.

As far as the projection software is concerned, it needs the number the competition secretary affixed to sort and present the images in the correct order. However it requires you enter a particular pattern for it to keep track of the titles and authors names. What it abhors is two numbers at the beginning of each filename, it simply doesn't know which is the running order and which is the membership number, so I have to strip all the membership numbers out! It then falls foul of several hyphens in the same line while it is busy sorting "Title" By "Author" and what do you think it makes of "301 - 10 The Tree By The Cottage By The Lake - By - Joe Blogs - Colour.jpg".

Well it relies on an eagle eyed projectionist, You remembering to keep "by" in the title lower case, using a title such as "Seventies Fashions" not "70's Fashions" and the club refusing membership to anyone surnamed "Blogs - Colour"

In our competition prior to the new system being introduced we had at least five, that I spotted, oversized images, four with Colour or Mono instead of C or M and a rash of hyphens or sometimes underlines without spaces.   Now of course we need that 1,2 or 3 to denote preference as well!

At the suggestion of one of our longest standing members, who owns to still getting this formula wrong on occasion, I have been working on a program to allow uploading of images a more straightforward affair with uniform results, both for you as members and the competition secretary and I as temporary custodians of your competition entries.

So we only accept entries via a form on the club web site.

This should prove easier for all of us as you no longer have to rename your entries with filenames to a pattern in advance.
It goes like this.

First you log in to the entry page, with Your Name, Membership Number and a Password. The latter is necessary to avoid non members trying to flood our web site with "inappropriate" pictures.

Then you choose which competition you are entering from a drop down list. Sometimes there will only be one competition available sometimes more choices for competitions set further into the future.

Next you choose your entry, you need not have renamed it to our present formula, it can still have it's straight out of the camera filename if you so wish, nor does it need your name attached. Having chosen it a thumbnail image appears on screen to verify you have the correct file.

Then enter your title in the next box and finally choose which section Colour or Mono.

You do all this one box at a time and the program will, Rename the file, remembering to insert your membership number and the all important "By" for you, load it up into our folder, send a copy to the competition secretary and to me and post on screen confirmation to you that it has arrived.

You can then load your next picture, all the while the program remembers who you are and your membership number and adds them to your title. You don't have to load all your pictures in one session and a reminder of those you have entered previously is available.

It is important to tell you that the computer does not know, care, or remember who you are outside of loading up your images. That no one outside of the club sees your images before the competition and no one can add or indeed remove images other than the password holder.

I have tested this program extensively both with computer novices and experts, also downright evil minded geniuses, but that does not mean it will not go wrong or break down. If you have a problem please tell me and I will endeavour to sort it.



Can I load up more than one image at a time? - No, the whole point of this exercise is to help some of you out with the renaming aspect of your images to the " formula" required by the competition secretary for keeping Score Sheets, and me for the projection software to read the titles and authors. If the images are loaded in bulk that renaming is then impossible.

Why then does it say Choose File rather than Choose Image? - Because that wording is built into your web browser they all vary, it's not part of my coding.

Why to I get an error telling me my image is too large? Because it is too large!    Please resize it. This is not a problem confined to our club. Please take the time to read this informative and helpful article on resizing, from the Photochrome Camera Club of San Francisco.

Why do I get a "Not a valid Filename" message? This is almost always because of non alph-numeric characters in the original file name. If you have a "not a valid file" message, check for illegal characters and rename the file first.
e.g. "headlockKRUGER2007_0418_044606(?^&)%.JPG" becomes "headlockKRUGER2007 0418 044606three.jpg".
Some of these characters may be used in some files but the upload program simply thinks it is not a valid picture file.

I don't want to give my picture a Title Well Tough! How do you expect the Judge, the Projectionist and the Score Keeper to know which is which? How do we sort pictures with no names? Get over yourself, your not that famous yet.

What is that pop up box at the beginning of every upload page for? - It is to tell you about a whole load of changes to the page. They were put there in a long period of no Digital Competitions and so the page looks a bit different. You are forced into making a choice for Colour or Mono, many people forgot and entered six colour images.    The 1,2,3 preference box no longer defaults, so you have to make a positive decision.
Take the hint at the top and make a list with Titles, Colour or Mono, and Preferences on it before you start.
Emails after the event asking us to change your mistakes are really not on.

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