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12th February 2018.
Judges Yvonne & David Auld

A very different perspective on our pictures.

Judged by painters rather than photographers, we had lots of comments on tone, shape and colour without any references to the worst that Photoshop has to offer.

No expectation of altering reality beyond that which the average human eye can perceive to portray something simply because it knew it was there (somewhere). Given that painters can and have been much more selective in what they put on canvas this was , for my ears at least, a joy to hear.

Yvonne and David gave us a fair and frank appraisal of our work. No mention of clogged up blacks or blown out highlights. Just tone, colour, form and clarity, or lack of it.

A thoroughly entertaining evening.

George Dyne swept the board in the Beginners and Intermediate section. David Evans and Dennis Price featured heavily in the Advanced

A great evening, thanks Yvonne and David, we look forward to seeing both again.


Advanced Colour
1Study of BeautyDavid Evans
2Topping Up, Dartmoor Ponies.David Evans
3CharlotteGeoff Hawkins
 Winter TreeDennis PriceHC
 Sea CavernDennis PriceC
  Advanced Mono    
1 Silhouette Ann Tubb 
2Natasha and White Fur Geoff Hawkins 
3Gables Dennis Price 
 Walkers Challenge Dennis PriceHC
 Steve, BuskingGeoff HawkinsHC
 The PlatformDavid EvansHC
  Beginners and Intermediate Colour 
1Red Throated DiverGeorge Dyne 
2Otter Isle of SkyeGeorge Dyne 
3Canada GoslingsGeorge Dyne 
  Beginners and Intermediate Mono
1NeveGeorge Dyne 
2Deliveries at the RialtoGeorge Dyne  
3Fur Seal PupGeorge Dyne 
These images are among those placed last night.
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