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Find the Programme for 2019 here.
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17th December - Christmas Social.

Quiz will be provided free of charge!
Bring redundant kit to swap/sell during the evening. Bring snacks and drinks as required. Partners welcome.

Note Entry date for next competition is 7th January
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See some of our other competition results here.

CHRISTMAS BREAK - Reconvene January 7th

Challenge Subjects & Dates 2018-19
Projection Date
Sept - Oct Scene Through a Window 29/10/18
Oct - Nov Animal Portraits 26/11/18
Nov – Jan Patterns in the environment 28/01/19
Jan - Mar Street Pictures taken at night 18/03/19
Feb – Apr Decay/Dereliction 29/04/19
April - Jun Spirit of a Village 03/06/19
May - Jul A Flower 15/07/19

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