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13th November 2017 Periodic Competition - Projected Images.
Judge Terry Walters

A welcome return to Terry Walters, a experienced photographer and judge, who knows what he likes :-)   Not pallets apparently.

Terry he talked us through the images with humour and helpful comments.

With only a small entry he had plenty of time to give every print a through appraisal.

We all need to sharpen our images and crop them more tightly. I as usual got some stick over blown highlights. But there was much praise too. A great evening with time to look at the prints in closed detail too. Thanks Terry, you can come again.

The evening was a bit of a walk over for George Dyne   Well done George, but shame on the rest of you in the group. Remember in the tally of points at the end of the season you get one point per image just for entering, so why not give it a go. Give George some competition.


Advanced Colour
1Beach StretchDavid Evans
2Free 'n EasyDavid Evans
3SimonePete Evans
 IvanAnn TubbHC
 GracefulChris GrewHC
 CodyGeoff HawkinsC
  JezabellePete EvansC
 Lotus on the SlideDavid EvansC
  Advanced Mono    
1 Town CryerPete Evans 
2Small WaterfallsPete Evans 
3O'er The Hills, DartmoorDavid Evans 
 Pentre IfanDavid EvansHC
 RebeccaGeoff HawkinsC
 Four HurricanesPete EvansC
  Beginners and Intermediate Mono 
1MelancholyGeorge Dyne 
2Mount CookGeorge Dyne 
3DexGeorge Dyne 
  Beginners and Intermediate Colour
1Red Necked PhallaropeGeorge Dyne 
2GeysirGeorge Dyne  
3FranticGeorge Dyne 
These images are among those placed last night.
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