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Getting the best out of a Casual DPI Presentation Evening.

A few points to remember for members submitting in advance, or bringing on the night, digital entries for projection of a casual presentation or as an informal competition.

If you want your pictures projected in any particular order, and most do, number them sequentially starting with 01.

01 picture.jpg
02 next picture.jpg

If you would like the Title to be shown on screen you do need to add the author as well. The software looks for an author and will split your title in two if it doesn't find one. It may even go off on its own and look for it and come up with the camera you used, or any tags you added with your filing system.!

01 Picture By Joe Blogs.jpg
02 Next Picture By Joe Blogs.jpg

You don't need any hyphens or your membership number in the file name, those are simply for Chris to use when scoring competitions.

Without Joe Blogs AND the all important "By" (upper case B) to go on, you risk your title "Next Picture" splitting in two and becoming Next(title) by Picture(author).

You may choose to ask me to switch titles and author off. That's ok too, but get the labels right for the running order.

If you have AVs, DVDs, Powerpoint presentations or something completely different, please try to let me know in advance so all the differing types can be grouped together. Repeatedly swapping from one lot of software to another is time consuming and we have little enough of it. Expect me to rush and you get mistakes and a sloppy presentation of your work.

You have probably noticed that the quality of Powerpoint images often is not that great. The worst can be avoided by changes to PP settings.

This may help.

Lastly you may have a very good reason for wanting to use your own laptop but this will add between five and ten minutes to everybody's time sat around waiting while the projector is switched off to avoid any possibility of damage to the contacts and subsequent failure.

You may not bother at home, but I shall, because, one supplier's information carries the following:

Warning!!.....Never connect and disconnect HDMI cables and equipment while your devices are powered on (hot plugging cables). The hdmi cables carries a low DC voltage while connected. You will damage your equipment and the HDMI Distribution equipment while hot-plugging cables which will not be replaced under the 1 year manufacturers warranty.
The article is mainly aimed at projection of home movies, but the points about connections over an hdmi cable hold true.

See it here.

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