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Minutes Of Annual General Meeting 2018

Meeting held at Beversbrook Sports Facility, on 30th April 2018

Members present: Mark Briscoe, David Evans, Pete Evans, Ivor Griffiths, Geoff Hawkins (Chair), Andrew Hogarth, Simon Hughes, Nick Jackson, Dennis Price, John Winchester, and Judy Winchester.

Apologies received from: Chris Grew, Keith Thomas, Mike Thomas and Martin Jameison. Chris Grew also stated he was resigning from the club.

Minutes of last year’s meeting – were agreed to be a true record of the meeting acceptance proposed by David Evans and seconded by Pete Evans. Carried unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: A copy of this report was handed to the secretary and there follows an extract here. A copy is available in the Members’ log in area of the web site.

Funds raised during the year amounted to £2,139.68, whilst expenditure was slightly less at £2,133.05 giving net funds raised of £6.63. The bank balance at 8th April 2017 was £658.90, that at 7th April 2018 was £ 665.53 with £33.470 cash in hand. The accounts were prepared by Michael Thomas and audited by Mark Ludlow. Mark has audited the club’s accounts over several years, but has decided that the time has come to stand down from this role. This requires that a new auditor be found for next year’s accounts. The appointment of a new auditor was set aside until later in the year. The chairman thanked the auditor on behalf of the cub.

Chairman’s Statement: A copy of this statement was handed to the secretary and there follows an extract here.

The events of the early part of the year were hectic, with two new resolutions being presented to members and accepted by a margin of 3 to 1. Disgruntled members and a few who were not at the meeting, left the club, after an unsuccessful attempt to persuade the minutes secretary to change the minutes of the AGM.

There have since been a number of new and talented members and with their support the club has held its head above water.

We had a good time at the Warminster Battle with both David and Pete Evans scoring maximum points. The club couldn’t win our own Multi-club Battle, but thanks go to David Evans who managed the event providing and delivered a successful, entertaining and profitable evening.

Thanks were given to John Winchester for taking on the role of Programme Secretary. He manage the transition from the previous incumbent despite the lack of a paper trail from before the change. He and his subcommittee have now a grip now they understand there are two bank holidays in May.

Geoff the stated that it was been the tradition of the club for incumbents to retain their positions on the committee unless saying they would be standing down. So the committee initially formed last year was decimated by the upheaval until after the EGM. At that point Geoff took on four posts and now considers it time to stand down from Chairmanship and projectionist. He is prepared to continue as Webmaster and Club Contact.

Election of new Committee: There were no nominations ahead of the AGM and no proposals for any position from the members. Mike Thomas, John Winchester and Pete Evans were prepared to continue in their roles, while Nick Jackson stood down from the role of Equipment Officer, a role that Dennis Price was prepared to fill. As a result, Geoff undertook to e-mail members regarding the situation, asking for nominations for the roles of Chairman, Projectionist, and Competition Secretary. He was also asked to call an EGM for 21st May

Any other Business: David Evans raised the point about the club’s bipartite league system and queried whether it was still relevant. The decision was shelved until after the EGM.

The meeting was adjourned at 20:20.

Minutes recorded by John Winchester

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