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Minutes Of Annual General Meeting 2017

Meeting held at Beversbrook Sports Facility, on 24th April at 7.45p.m.

Members present:
Geoff Hawkins, Pam Lane, Eddie Lane, Mark Briscoe, Brian Sawyer, Alan Smith, Simon Hughes, David Evans, Peter Evans, John Winchester, Judy Winchester, Chris Wilkes- Cuidad, Chris Grew, Lynne Stowell, Rod Stowell, Roger Bryan, Nicholas Jackson, Malcolm Parrack, Dennis Price and Mark Ludlow, auditor.

Apologies for absence had been received from Mike Thomas and Keith Thomas.

Minutes of 2016 A.G.M.
These minutes were placed before the members and their acceptance as a fair record was proposed by John Winchester, seconded by Peter Evans and agreed by the meeting.

Annual Accounts.
The audited accounts were presented by the treasurer, Pam Lane. The total income was shown to be £3,313.42 against a total expenditure of £3711.76 and current cash at the bank of £643.90. Acceptance of the accounts was proposed by David Evans, seconded by Chris Wilkes-Cuidad and agreed by the meeting. Mark Ludlow was appointed to serve as auditor for the forthcoming year.

Election of Committee.
Present committee members agreed to continue serving, namely: Chairman: Geoff Hawkins
Vice Chairman: Eddie Lane (Honorary President)
Minutes Secretary: Mike Thomas
Club Contact: Geoff Hawkins
Programme Secretary: Chris Wilkes-Cuidad.
Webmaster: Geoff Hawkins
Projectionist: Geoff Hawkins
Competition Secretary: Chris Grew
Treasurer: Pam Lane.
Equipment Officer: Nicholas Jackson
Battle Secretaries: Pam and Eddie Lane.
Liaison Officer: Alan Smith
Committee Member: Pete Evans.

Any Other Business.

1. Proposed Addition to the Club Constitution:

A condition of membership is that work entered by a member in a club competition shall then be made available for selection by the committee to represent the club in external competitions.

This was proposed by Dennis Price and seconded by John Winchester. After some discussion it was accepted by 14 votes in favour and 5 against.

2. Proposed Addition to Club Competition Rules.

A condition of entering club competitions is that the entrant must have attended at least some meetings and not simply to have paid their fees.

This was proposed by Geoff Hawkins and seconded by John Winchester and was accepted by 14 votes in favour and 4 against.

3. Club Expenses.

It had been advised that our room rental would be increased from £22.50 to £30 for the night and along with other possible increases in costs some additional income is required. After some discussion, it was proposed that rather than increase members’ annual subscriptions an increase in nightly contributions from £1.00 to £2.00 would be more appropriate. Also, now that the new projector and ancillaries had been paid for there was no reason to continue with the raffles on competition nights.

This change was proposed by Pam Lane, seconded by Chris Grew and accepted by the meeting.

4. Selection of Work for Battles.

Referring to the previous acceptance of the amendment to the constitution, Eddie Lane pointed out that work selected for battles need not be only those images having been successful in club competitions. Members should be invited to contribute additional work which they felt might have sufficient merit. There was general agreement about this.

5. Proliferation of Projected Images.

Roger Bryan referred to the dominance of projected images over prints in periodic competitions and there was support from within the meeting that more print competitions would be desirable. After some discussion, the Chairman asked the Programme Secretary to try and make use of some of the vacant calendar dates for two or more print competitions.

6. Overloaded Competition Judges.

John Winchester referred to the several occasions when the number of competition entries had proved to be too great for judges to cope with in the time available and suggested that we should reduce the number of images entered.

Eddie Lane agreed that to be the case and based on his own experience as a judge thought that 80 projected images or 70 prints was quite enough to cope with in the time available. The Competition Secretary was asked consider this for forthcoming competitions.

7. Mentoring.

Mark Briscoe, speaking as a quite new member, asked if there could be more advice and instruction available to assist in advancing camera skills as well as editing techniques. His comments were appreciated and noted by the committee.

8. Suggestion Box.

It was felt that this should be reinstated, possibly on the club website rather than by physical presence in the meeting room.

Meeting closed at 8.45 p.m.

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